l Dear Editor,
GRAHAM Phillips, in “Letter to the Editor”, Daily Bulletin Thursday, 2nd March, made a lot of sense in his commentary on the Palestinian/Israeli tragedy. His right on the Middle East but wrong on American politics, His characterization, “Unless someone is a die-hard American Republican or of the Jewish faith (or both),” as a description of the Zionist landscape in the United States is so far off the mark that he must be watching a game in another stadium. At the moment it is a common misperception. There is little overlap between Republicans and Jews. The Democrats' second most loyal constituency is the Jews. The Ds usually get from 70 to 90 percent of the Jewish vote. Clinton's cabinet was over 50 percent Jewish. Unfortunately the present administration brought in a so-called neoconservative clique that has managed to gather control over American foreign policy. This cabal does not percolate up from the party which largely despises them. They were created in the early 1980s by the liberal Democrat media. They “switched” parties and all of a sudden the networks only used them to explain GOP military and foreign policy. They were parachuted in. Most Republican activists consider them an Israeli filth column. They have never won an election. They have never carried a precinct for the party. They are not part of the base. The sad reality is that Zionist elements in the American press and media badly smear anyone who expresses the slightest sympathy for the suffering endured by the Palestinians as anti-Semitic. Too many pols are afraid of being lied about and destroyed. They don't care enough about the issue enough to do what is right. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Mr. Phillips emits the image of the present policy being a Republican policy. True, for the moment. But what a tiny part of the picture. Zionists have far greater control of the Democrats. They should have won in 2004 but were too craven to criticize Bush on the Middle East for fear of alienating their Jewish base. The Republicans were deliberately infected with the neocons by the national media. But they are a parasite on the body. The Democrats are and have been solidly under the thumb of the Zionists since the Roosevelt administration. Mr. Phillip's image is false. Over the last several decades, the only even-handedness in the Mideast in American policy has been under Republican administrations. Eisenhower blocked the Israelis in the Lebanon. Bush, pere, refused to fund the West Bank settlements. Many say that the way the press turned on him over that issue cost him the 1992 election. Under Clinton an occasional pious press release was issued about fairness but the monthly checks were issued to finance the theft of the West Bank every month. Clinton's ambassador to Israel, a former Mossad operative had to become a citizen of the United States before taking up the post. Presently, the Democrats are selecting Congressional candidates for November. In control is a Jewish Congressman for Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel. He is carefully weeding out any anti-war sentiment. Two things you should know about this guy. He is an ex aide to President Clinton. He was born in America and never offered himself to defend the United States but did wear an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) uniform. It is a disgrace. If there is ever any hope of a non-racist American foreign policy towards the land between the Med and the Jordan it will have to come from the Republicans. The Zionists own the Democrats, body and soul. To ignore this as Mr. Phillips does, or to be unaware of it, accomplishes nothing. Until the political problem of dual loyalty here is faced up to, nothing will improve. Only Pat Buchanan has skin thick enough address it which is why he is regularly slandered. (One suspects both Phillips and Fleming buy into the bilge about Pat without knowing the reason for it). The situation in the UK is not as dire. One always appreciates Mr. Phillips' insights. He has a good grasp for events on the East side of the Pond, however, he does not seem as sure-footed on the lay of the land of the West side.
Ralph McGaughey, Boston, Maryland, USA
l Dear Editor,
I AM glad to see free speech is alive and well at your paper as demonstrated by the letter from Arye Berest on Wednesday, March 1st, expressing his obvious fury at Ray Fleming's supposed pro-Arab bias. I may be wrong, however, but I suspect that if he were in charge we would be reading news from a very different and not particularly welcome standpoint. I am copying this letter to the embassies of all the Arab countries represented in Spain so that they may even more clearly understand what is being written in the English language daily on this international and multi-ethnic island.
John Little, Santa Ponsa