THIS week Prince Charles called for McDonalds to be banned because of the growing problem of obesity in Britain. His comments have obviously struck a chord because there is a now a major debate over the issue. However, as usual it is the government and the fast food chains which are being blamed. Meanwhile, as usual, parents and to a lesser extent teachers escape without any blame. Calling for McDonalds to be banned is like demanding that banks are abandoned because of bank robbers. This is not the point. For the last two or three years there has been a call from everyone from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to key government officials for a more balanced diet. It has been alleged that nearly half the youngsters in Britain today would be unable to join the armed services because there are overweight. It is time that someone starts taking responsibility and I believe, in this cause it is parents and teachers. A good balanced diet, is also, relatively simple, everything in moderation. So before this debate goes any further I would just like to say that the blame game must come to an end. More sport in school and a more balanced school dinners. Jamie Oliver has shown the way it is such a shame that others have not taken note.