ACCORDING to the Daily Telegraph interview with her publisher yesterday Samantha Power is the woman who Barack Obama listens to on foreign policy. A professor of Harvard University, founder of a human rights think tank and cited by Men's Vogue as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Ms Power was in Britain to help promote her new book. It did just cross my mind that it was an odd time for a key adviser to a possible President of the United States to give priority to her book sales, but I let that pass. Ms Power had plenty to say about how Barack Obama would restore the special relationship between Britain and America. Speaking about Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power said she was sharp and witty but had been “turned into a machine” by her political consultants. Or, that's what she said to the Telegraph about Hillary. However, she had also given an earlier interview to The Scotsman in which she had said something rather different - “She is a monster, she is stooping to anything.” Apparently when Obama heard of this he immediately disowned Ms Power's comment and accepted her resignation - which is perhaps why she had time to promote her book. As so often in contradictions of this kind, Ms Power also insisted, “Those comments do not reflect my feelings about Senator Clinton whose leadership and public service I have long admired.” Of course.