by Jason Moore

OVER the coming weeks there is going to be yet more political tension in the Balearics with the opposition centre-right Partido Popular expected to take control of some key island institutions such as the Council of Majorca and the Palma city council. The Partido Popular re-elected their leader, Jose Ramon Bauza, on Sunday after the Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, had challenged him to call a party conference.

Delgado stood against Bauza and was beaten with 39-year-old Bauza securing almost 70 percent of the votes of the party faithful. This now means that the Partido Popular are back in a strong position and ready to take power now that the coalition local government only has minority government status. Some political commentators believe that the Partido Popular could end-up running the three top institutions; city council, Council of Majorca and the Balearic government. Bauza could welcome his rival, Delgado, into his team. This is the second time that the Mayor of Calvia has run for the leadership and it is the second time he has failed. Bauza will attempt to rebrand the party which has been hit by a series of corruption allegations over recent years. The national leader of the Partido Popular, Mariaño Rajoy, congratulated Bauza on his victory.