Dear Sir, THE recent letters on car purchases, makes one wonder why other countries like Spain and the UK do not follow the recent example set by Germany.
They are offering owners of old cars the sum of 3000 euros to have them scrapped. This would in turn give someone enough for the deposit of a new (small) one, and also get rid of polluting machines, dangerous, etc. What a result in Germany, in February alone, Volkswagen alone sold 120'000 cars, which happened to be the highest number of cars sold in any February by Volkswagen.

So, the stacked up/parked thousands of new cars are moved along, dealers survive, as well as manufactures, and subsidiary firms. All makes sense, so why do we not see it elsewhere?

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips

Dear Sir, PAUL Satterly writes (“Your Letters” Tuesday March 10) about better car prices to be had in the UK. Unfortunately there is a problem with the position of the steering wheel. British TV's don't have that problem. At the end of January I bought a flat screen TV on the Internet. It took only 2 weeks from then to have it shipped to Majorca and delivered to my door (£125 per cubic metre) and installed. It was 20 percent cheaper than our local Hypermarkets and with free Satellite thrown in. The saving was mainly due to the near parity between the euro and sterling but Internet shopping has many bargains for example I buy all my software programs from the USA.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

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