By Jason Moore

THE Majorcan Tourist Board has called for the next minister for tourism following the local elections to be from the industry rather than a career-politician. I suppose you could have a mixture of both but it sounds a good idea to me. Tourism is so important for these islands that it should be above party politics and basically what is needed is the right person for the job. If that person does not exist in the world of politics then he or she should come directly from the tourist industry.

I remember when Jaume Cladera, who is now a director of Real Mallorca Football Club, was minister for tourism he was an independent and was not directly involved with one party although he did serve in a centre right government. He had a wealth of experience within the tourist industry. Over the last decade most of the ministers for tourism have been career politicians and it is interesting to note that over the last four years there have been four ministers for tourism. There are many people of all nationalities living on the island who would welcome the opportunity to serve the local ministry for tourism and put all their long experience to good use. So, yes, horses for courses. Tourism is the lifeblood of these islands and it is important to have the best people at the helm.