By Jason Moore I have always thought that the local authorities should take more advantage of the wealth of experience on the island on tourism. We are lucky that we have a group of businessmen who are real experts in their field and could help the local authorities sell Majorca and perhaps even design a model for its development. I thought Andrew Clemence in our Sunday interview made some real valid points about tourism such as shops having more flexible opening hours to attract people on get-away weeks, the need to promote Majorca as a convention centre and in some ways moving with the times. I also thought he made a valid point about attending international trade fairs; the local authorities always say that it is vital that the islands are there but I think it is important that we give the right message. Come on local authorities let us all work together and have everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.

IT is often the case that the bigger the celebrity the nicer they are. I sent Michael Winner a fax on Saturday morning asking for a brief telephone interview. When I arrived at the office my phone was ringing and it was him. A very nice interview and a very nice man. Thank you very much Mr. Winner; lesser stars should learn their lesson.

Congratulations to the Bulletin´s Cristina Buchet and Nathan Dobson for taking part in the Palma half marathon on Sunday. I couldn´t even manage the cricket club´s fun run although I did take a leisurely stroll down to the Paseo Maritimo to support them!