Dear Sir, THESE last days have thrown up an amusing situation, with on the one hand the visit of Mr Pickles of the Conservative Party being reported positively in the Bulletin with Ray Fleming at the same time “Cameron bashing” at every opportunity, today's (17th March) “Looking Around” continuing his constant theme.

Freezing BBC licence fees, when one considers how they spend (public) money, Johnathan Ross on 18 million pounds over a three year contract is a case in point, would be a very good thing to cut out the “dead wood” they are carrying. The trouble with public money is that civil servants spend up to their budget (or beyond) whereas private enterprise must live within their budget, or go broke.

In fact during these difficult times, with thousands, losing their jobs in the productive, tax paying sector, maybe Mr Cameron could suggest a reduction in the number of civil servants employed. For instance, he could reduce the overall number employed by, say, 10 percent, through natural wastage, i.e. not reemploying retiring persons, reducing the newly employed, etc and at the same time give back half of what was saved to existing/remaining civil servants in a form of “productivity pay”.

This is what is needed in the Civil Service, more productivity, and less personnel, but is it possible? On the “apology” of David Cameron, since then it seems it has forced Gordon Brown to make some sort of reference to an “apology” on his part, (not very convincing since he was in charge for the last 11-12 years) but whatever happened to people actually resigning from Government when they allow/create a huge cock-up? It seems that politicians today are teflon clad, even to the point of being disgraced and thrown out, are later re-instated, Mandelson being a case in point.

If Gordon Brown and his colleagues were honorable men/women, they would resign, call an election and let the country, (who they represent and are answerable to) give them a vote of confidence or not. Of course they will not, rather cling on to power at any price, hoping for a mini miracle to improve their chance at the next (must have by May 2010) election. Hopefully they (Labour) will be so soundly thrashed that they will become the third party in opposition, and finally their incompetencies will be justly rewarded.

Yours Sincerely, Graham Phillips

Dear Sir, It seems that all the low life doesn't live in the UK. I was appalled to read your report in the Bulletin of 17th March of the arson attack on the van belonging to Chris, the father of seriously ill Charley.

For this lovely family to have to endure further misery in addition to the traumas of coping with Charley's problems is just beyond belief. For their van and tools of the trade to be destroyed in such a wanton act of vandalism is utterly deplorable. I just hope that the perpetrators of this crime will realise what they have done and will feel ashamed of their actions.

However, I am probably harbouring a false hope as such scum as these only seem interested in themselves and their plans for their next episode of “fun” at someone else's expense.

Brian Bayley
Sol de Mallorca