By Jason Moore

THE election campaign is well underway in the Balearics with the leader of the Balearic government and socialist candidate Francesc Antich calling his Partido Popular rivals “upper-crust people who are not interested in the people .”

Similar words were uttered by Gordon Brown during the British election campaign last year about David Cameron and George Osborne, and look where that got him! The socialist party launched their campaign with a series of meetings over the weekend.

Opinion polls suggest that they will suffer a heavy defeat to the Partido Popular but the big question is whether the centre-right party will secure a landslide victory which will give them an overall majority. The socialists, who at the moment govern in coalition and control the Balearic government, the Council of Majorca and the city council, appear upbeat and claim that they are the party of government.

However, I do not feel that it is wise to get too personal in election battles. The background of the leaders of the Partido Popular should not be an issue. I would say to Francesc Antich that he should concentrate on policy rather than trying to tarnish his political rivals. It is is certainly going to be a hard political campaign which will be fought out across the Balearics.