I am writing regarding the useless residence certificate and Jason Moore's Viewpoint of 27 March. The other Saturday morning I happened to be in the Borne with a few minutes to spare. The Partido Popular were setting up tables etc for some kind of rally. Unfortunately I didn't have time to find out what, and the following Monday there was nothing about it on the local news. However, I espied the president of the local party, Sr. José Ramón Bauzá, and as there were few people about at that stage, took my chance to ask him some questions about the upcoming elections.

My main question was what his party intended doing about the useless green paper. I pointed out to him that it does not bear our photo, fingerprints etc. necessary as identification in any situation, and my British passport is too big and too expensive to replace should it be lost or stolen.

Luckily, I have a Spanish driving licence which is usually accepted as proof of identity, but many residents do not have this. The very polite and charming Sr. Bauzá´s reply was that it will be one of the priorities of his party when they come to power. He would like us to have cards with our photo etc. again. Well, we shall see, as I seem to remember the other party promising the same and we all know what happened to that ! NOTHING! Please, Daily Bulletin, keep up the good work campaigning for the return of our residence cards.
Yours faithfully, Gill Smart (Ca´n Pastilla)