By Jason Moore

OVER the last few weeks the leaders of the various shopkeeper associations have been calling for extended opening hours and even opening for business at the weekend.

For years in this space I have been campaigning for shops to move with the times and have more flexible working hours so that Palma can become a weekend getaway destination for tourists from across Europe. I take no delight in reporting that shopkeepers have finally seen the light because I believe that it is too late. Extended opening hours should have been introduced years ago and Palma would certainly have benefited.

These days there are no longer the winter flights to bring the small army of shoppers to the city. Unfortunately, they have all gone elsewhere. The biggest problem with Majorca at the moment is that at last the local authorities and business community have come to the conclusion that Majorca doesn´t have a god-given right to attract tourists. They are now starting to panic and legislation which should have been introduced years ago is only coming in now. Too little too late, I sincerely hope not but this is probably the case.