Dear Editor

WELL, it's started - the annual increase in menu prices. We have been printing menus on this island for 16 years and in the old days of the peseta, prices went up by 25 or 50 pesetas from one year to the next. But this year, the first menus of the new season have seen prices upped more or less across the board by one euro - that was 166 pesetas for those who remember! So, a breakfast that was costing 7 euros last year is now 8 euros. And for the Brits who convert that to pounds, it is around £6.40 - this time last year the same breakfast was £4.90. That's a rise of 30.6 percent allowing for the change in value of the pound to the euro. Will these people ever learn? No wonder airport figures and hotel occupancy are both down in Majorca this Easter.

Ian Morrison Porto Colom

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