THE two points raised by Ray Fleming in “Viewpoint” should not pass without comment. On the proposed BA strike, no one would deny a workers right to strike/withdraw their labour, but unions should only use this as a last resort to match workers dire circumstances. BA cabin staff are hardly in that category.

One issue is the 15 cabin crew on a long hall flight they have at present, where BA management wish to reduce this, by only one, which is not so unreasonable when other airlines work with 11.

Their pay, and especially expenses etc, are quite high, and with all airlines feeling the crunch it would make sense to keep an airline going, there is some “belt tightening” all round.

What is particularly despicable is the Unite Union now canvassing unions around the world to take militant action against BA flights/attendants introduced to keep flying during the strikes.

This will completely destroy any sympathy the public may feel for strikers, as hundreds of thousands more passengers travel arrangements are ruined.
On the other point “payment by results” I think that whilst the Prime Minister may not receive a salary to match those in top positions elsewhere in business, etc he does enjoy many “extras” house (as paid for) in town, one in the country (chequers) every imaginable travel expense, plus in no doubt many more, which with his qualification (accountant) in the general work place, compare favourably.

Where the huge bonus comes to a PM is when he leaves office, just look at the millions Tony Blair is racking up, book, appearances, middle east envoy, etc etc

Yours sincerely
Graham Phillips