Compiled by MONITOR CHINA suppressed the worst outbreak of violence in Tibet since 1989 and accused the exiled Dalai Lama of fomenting it, which he denied. In the US, Barak Obama made a major speech on race issues following criticism of his association with a radical black pastor in Chicago. Obama's national poll ratings fell after the speech but Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, praised it and endorsed Obama for President.

Angela Merkel became the first German Chancellor to address Israel's parliament. She spoke of Germany's shame over the Holocaust and promised to be a true friend of Israel.

On the 5th anniversary of the American-led invasion of Iraq, President Bush claimed that “The world is better and the US safer”.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week

SUNDAY/MONDAY: All-Star Majorca (Michael Caine, David Frost, Michael Winner, Melvyn Bragg were among the guests at Andrew Lloyd Webber's 60th birthday party at Deya).

TUESDAY: Food Heaven (Food critic Michael Winner pronouced Majorca to be a “food heaven” after eating out in Deya and Puerto Portals).
WEDNESDAY: Holiday Industry Upbeat Despite Gloom (TUI Travel, owner of Airtours, First Choice and Thomson, reported a strong demand for holidays from Northern Europe).

THURSDAY/FRIDAY: Council Cancels Credit Cards (Palma Council cancelled employee's credit cards following a scandal over improper use).
SATURDAY: Easter Weather Blues (High winds, dropping temperatures and rain was the forecast).