The Sunday Comment by Hugh Ash was an excellent article and one of the best I have read in your paper. It summed up the problem of Islamic extremism in Britain in a nutshell, how so little is being done to stop it and how fed up the British people are of being taken for fools by the Political Correctness industry.

Tony Blair started the multicultural nonsense and instead of pulling communities together it did the reverse, as I know from experience as a junior school teaching assistant in a Yorkshire town with a large immigrant population.

We British have a long history of welcoming immigrants and I am not against controlled immigration. But, as Hugh Ash said, in the past they embraced our culture. Now we have a clash of cultures because certain people refuse to fit in with our way of life, but expect to receive all the benefits and for us to respect their values. It is so sad to see the changing face of Britain. But Hugh Ash did very well in dealing most fairly with a difficult topic.

Name withheld by request