I read Hugh Ash's comments [The faith whose name we're too afraid to mention] very carefully because I know Islamaphobia is a touchy subject. But I was glad to see it was a fair and balance view of the problems caused to the wider Muslim community by those who have taken it over its and speak in its name.

It may be that the Muslim community itself is at fault by electing such hotheads and I now understand why the UK powers-that-be no longer work so closely with organisations like the Muslim Council or British Muslim Association.

I come from a family of Irish immigrants and my parents and their kids, including me, were always taught to integrate into the wider British community and respect Britain. It did not stop the occasional snide remark about us being ‘Micks' from ignorant people who were not worth the time of day. But there will always be idiots like that. I am not in the least bit racist and hate people who are. But Hugh Ash is right. There are Muslims in Britain, who grab the headlines and spew hatred. They are definitely racist and they should not be tolerated, but they are because politicians want the Muslim vote. If you choose to join a nation, you accept its rules and customs and do not expect it to change them just to suit yours. It does not mean you lose your identity. But if you do not want this compromise then go somewhere which suits you better.

D.S. Leary
Santa Ponsa