By Jason Moore A report over the weekend suggested that the Balearic population could soon reach the 1.2 milion mark, quite an outrageous situation. At the moment we are close to the one million mark, and if you have to take into account the millions of tourists who also visit our shores. With such a larger population perhaps the time has come now for the Balearic government to start planning. The islands´ medical facilities are going to have to be enlarged to cope with a growing population. Work on a new national health hospital is already underway but perhaps plans are going to have to be reshaped and expanded. There is the question of roads. If the population continues to expand and with more vehicles well then perhaps the time has come to look at the issue of a second-ring road for Palma. For a relatively small place a population of 1.2 millon is high and I would urge the government to start planning at once. This figure of 1.2 million is only an estimate, it could even be higher.

WHAT a shame that the Easter weather has been poor after such a fantastic winter. I feel sorry for all the tourists who have headed to our shores in the hope of some milder weather. Also, once again it clearly underlines the fact that there is little to do in Majorca when the sun is not shining. With all shops closed for the long Easter break and with some businesses in resorts still closed, the question that has to be asked is that Majorca must try and offer a bit more than just sun and sea.