Dear Sir WELL said Simon Tow, in taking Mike Lillico to task over his letter (March 19th) in response to the earlier article by Anna Nicholas on the Muslim anti-British army demonstrators in Luton. Mr Lillico has not only fallen for the Sunday Times line, but also that of your correspondent, Ray Fleming, who was equally at pains to play down the size of the demonstration. Twelve looked more like 112 on the news coverage I saw. And for the sake of accuracy, the Muslim community now represents 15 percent of Luton's population of 230'000, that is well over 30'000, and not the 20'000 stated by Mr Fleming. It seems there is a campaign by the multiculturist industry, media lefties, and ostriches in the political arena, to spread much misinformation on the size and spread of ethnic or religious minorities in the UK.

Yours faithfully
Andrew Ferguson