Political Reputation
RAY Fleming's Viewpoint asks the question “why does the word ‘political' have such a bad reputation?” Well, putting to one side such issues as MP's expenses, ex ministers offering themselves as lobbyists at 5000 pounds per day, etc and dealing with the presentation of the budget by Mr Darling, it was “politically designed” not to rock any boats, and especially to avoid stating clearly what real cuts in spending/saving were to be made.

This actually was a little insulting to the general publics' intelligence, as it is obvious that the huge debt, and dire state of the UK economy will need huge savings very soon.

He (Darling) came out with the truth of the situation the next day in an interview saying he envisioned “deeper cuts than Mrs Thatcher made in the 1980´s”.

So budget day “story” for the electorate the “truth” rates, when presented with the facts of the real state of the economy by financial experts.
That Mr Fleming is a “political” presentation of the budget, and goes hand in hand with all the other “political” actions of Labour in power, health taxes, overspending, unemployment is decreasing , whilst not mentioning that public sector unemployment is increasing it's employment. Just another bill for the taxpayer.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips