Dear Sir, At the end of 2003 there was a resounding outcry from the Jewish community throughout Europe in response to the European Commission's survey which rated Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. Monday's assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas, regrettably acts as a spark to inflame these beliefs. Although it is never excusable for a politically motivated organisation such as Hamas to incite violence through encouraging suicide bombers who target innocent civilians, it is similarly unspeakable that a democratic government, in whom citizens place their trust to act on their behalf and in their interest, chooses to use assassination as an instrument of foreign policy. The assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin comes at a time when the entire region is balancing on the pinnacle of instability – I fear that this act has brought any short–term hope of peace to come crashing down. As the repercussions of terror ripple far beyond the borders of the Middle East, the next victims will be civilians such as those who died tragically in Madrid.
Line Hadsbjerg
Palma de Mallorca