By Jason Moore AFTER an Easter weekend of gale force winds, snow, freezing temperatures and sunshine you don´t have to be a boffin to realise that global warming has hit the Balearics. I was quite alarmed to read yesterday that one expert has suggested that the islands are one of the places in the world which have been most hit by the rise in temperatures. Over the last few years I think every expert with a few letters after his or her name has had something to say about our changing climate. However, the people who have kept relatively tight-lipped are those in the Balearic government, who should be saying something. Hotter summers could be a real problem; less rainfall is a major headache. The freak storms which caused massive destruction on the island last October should also lead to some concern. Thankfully, the local authorities have invested in a weather radar which should give the island some warning if a bad storm is on the horizon. Unfortunately, climate change is here to stay and it is time that the island authorities started to say something on this issue. It is no good just saying that we should watch the weather forecast.

So Palma has now become the second top place for the so-called no-frills airlines in Spain. Shouldn´t that tell us something? Obviously, a growing number of tourists are now organising their own holidays and the power of the tour firm is in decline. Some are already saying that we are seeing the end of the package holiday. Changing times and the Balearics need to be prepared.