By Jason Moore

OVER the last two years scores of local officials and politicians have gone before a judge charged with mis-using public funds, corruption and electoral fraud. Some have been sent to jail, others released on bail. However, so far none of them have actually gone to trial. They have just been questioned by the judiciary in connection with allegations which have been made following an investigation by the police. But so far none have had their day in court, only court hearings which is very different.

All the charges have so far not been proved in court and therefore all those officials and politicians are still suspects. I think this has to be taken into account because in some casas you get the impression that the suspects have already been tried. This is not the case. The judiciary have only just started to investigate the so-called Andratx case which led to the arrest of the former Mayor and planning officer. The main trial has still to take place. So the judiciary are not going to be short of work this year. Obviously, they are very complicated cases. The judiciary and the police have asked for re-inforcements because of their workload and the investigation has to be very thorough. But political corruption is a very serious matter and their task is going to be long and hard.