Dear Sir, ONE must ask “why” the Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer, cannot (will not?) stop massed “binge drinking” sessions in the capital. The Bulletin has been causing Palma Council problems over many years from its instigation in the Muelle Viejo (old wharf) opposite the Cathedral to its present site on the Paseo Maritimo. It appears that other mainland cities in Spain have laws that prohibit such gatherings - why not the Balearics? Whilst any education that is derived fro anti-drinking leaflets and posters is commendable, it is not going to stop the Botellon. It is now time for legislation and a reduction, not increase, in Paseo Maritimo parking availability at weekends. Such a measure would help return this once beautiful area to residents, tourists, and law abiding citizens, who at present are afraid to use the area at the weekend, whether on foot or by car. Perhaps, if the Paseo Maritimo ratepayers found themselves “unable” to pay their rates (after all, they are the ones paying for extra policing/cleaning/medical services), the Council might be forced into taking action? We are constantly being told of the need for Majorca to “upgrade” its images - the international impression of the Botellon does little to enhance that image.

M. Vane Perry, Calvia.