by Jason Moore

SINEU is quite rightly proud of its market on a Wednesday. Not only has it become a major source of revenue for the small town it is also an important tourist attraction. Last Wednesday, being a public holiday, it was packed with people of all nationalities. Infact, I have never seen it so busy. But the future development of the market is being stalled by the serious lack of parking. There is a small council administered parking area but it is far too small for the hundreds of cars and coaches which make the journey every Wednesday. It is a shame because the lack of parking can spoil what is a great day out. I am sure that other markets would love to have the numbers that Sineu gets every Wednesday but they wouldn´t want the parking headache. What I like about Sineu is that you don´t have the same stalls as other markets on the island. They are different and more diverse and also Sineu is the home of the best frito mallorquin to be found on the island. If only the parking situation was resolved Sineu market would be absolutely fantastic.

And on a final note I think Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza should change his policies rather than his cabinet. Bauza anounced a major reshuffle yesterday but still the local economy is in recession and a record number of people are without a job. He should concentrate on getting people back to work rather than just shuffling around his team once again.