By Jason Moore HOME from home. This is how I would describe Majorca these days for the thousands of British residents who have made the island their home. I think you can safely say that we've never had it so good. From satellite television, to regular cheap flights to Britain, British food products, and even concerts of English music by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra. We can even vote in local elections. This state of affairs is good news for the Balearics as well. Why would you want to retire somewhere in Britain when you can come to Majorca and enjoy your home comforts but in much more pleasant surroundings. It's reached a point now that you don't even have to speak Spanish. Majorca's success in tourism has undoubtly been its accommodating hosts. Is there a danger that some parts of Majorca could become Britain under the sun? Yes, but who cares and I don't really think that the Majorcans are too bothered. While this may sound like a promotional blurb for Majorca as a whole, regular readers of this column will know that I am always quick to pick out some of its faults, the bottom-line is that it is true. We are very lucky to live here and as regards that magic word, quality of life, it couldn't be better. Perhaps, my great frame of mind about the island has been helped by the excellent concert at the auditorium on Thursday night. The Balearic Symphony Orchestra deserves praise not just for playing superbly but thinking of us, the British resident. Many thanks indeed.