By Jason Moore THE ill-fated Palma metro system, closed for almost six months because it floods every time it rains, is going to cost in excess of 80 million euros to fix, according to press reports over the weekend. 80 million euros is a lot of money and the question has to be asked; was it worth it in the first place? does Palma really need a metro system; are more people going to abandon their vehicles and take public transport? Well, the answer to all three question is probably no. I never thought that the metro was a good idea in the first place and now that the cost has got completely out of hand it looks like an absolutely nightmare. A better bus service would be far cheaper and probably more efficient than the costly metro which was just a trophy project of the former Balearic government. Eighty million euros could easily in invested in the present public transport network which would be far more beneficial.

Full marks to the Hotel La Redencia in Deya for their excellent review in the Michael Winner column in the Sunday Times. Winner's stay there was part of the celebrations to mark Andrew Lloyd Webber´s 60th birthday.

I read with interest in the Spanish newspapers over the weekend that there is speculation that the Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, could form his own party if he fails to win the leadership of the Partido Popular. Delgado is at present running against current leader Rosa Estaras. At the moment it looks as if Estaras will be a clear winner. However, a day is a long time in politics so we will just have to wait and see.