Compiled by MONITOR

Acyclone devastated southern Myanmar (Burma) with up to 100'000 deaths estimated. The ruling military refused most offers of expert advice and emergency supplies from the international community.

An uneasy peace in Lebanon ended when the Hezbollah militia took over the western part of Beirut after a government attempt to close down its communications network.

Israel's 60th anniversary of Statehood was clouded by allegations of corruption against prime minister Ehud Olmert, which he denied.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week

SUNDAY/MONDAY: Andratx Case Comes To Court (The trial of the former mayor of Andratx and two officials on corruption charges was due to start).

n TUESDAY: Brown In Fight Back (Gordon Brown was expected to announce new policies following Labour's drubbing in Britain's local elections).

WEDNESDAY: Dawn Of New Era For Satellite TV in Majorca ( BBC and ITV channels will be received with smaller dishes and without monthly payments).

THURSDAY: Beach To Replace Road In Pollensa (The proposal would eliminate the coastal road between Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia).

FRIDAY: Mixed Views Over Pollensa Beach Plan (The plan received a mixed reception with worries over new traffic routes and doubts that an extended beach was wanted).

SATURDAY: Massive Loan To Pay For Metro (The Balearic government had taken out a 70 million euro loan to pay outstanding sums on the construction of the Metro incurred by the previous government).