ON Tuesday you reported that the Chairman of Palma's Emaya Cristina Cerdo had been replaced by Maurico Rovira.
The change has nothing to do with the efficient running of the Water and Refuse Board but purely political maneuvering involving the UM Majorcan Unionist Party and the Partido Popular.

It may surprise many Brits to know the number of jobs under the control of elected councilors.
At each change of government scores of consultants, directors etc (and occasionally family members) are dismissed to be replaced by scores of other sinecures from the jubilant ex-opposition.

Our island government is the equivalent of a local council in the UK. We would be disgusted if these 40 or so councilors had some 100 posts of patronage to hand out to undeserving toddies.

We would rightly see it as a breeding ground for project corruption and misappropriation of public funds. This is exactly what has happened here leading to the high profile trails of our local politicians that we see now.

The gigantic scale of these alleged crimes can be judged by the bail being demanded and amazingly being produced.
If every penny I'd ever earned was banked and I'd lived on fresh I couldn't raise a hundredth of what Jaume Matas has.
What a blatantly disgracefull and parasitic set up.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma