By Jason Moore

EVERYONE is talking about the millions of tourists who are due to come on holiday to the Balearics this summer...but where are they? Most holiday resorts still look like ghost towns and even the centre of Palma is quiet compared to previous years.

Official figures say that we are heading for a record season and as a direct result the local economy will pull out of recession once and for all. But I believe that these upbeat statements have more to do with the local elections next weekend than true booking figures. I was talking to tradespeople in Palmanova last weekend and they were very dubious about reports of a record season. They are not concerned about numbers, they are worried about tourist spending. Now, I do believe that July and August will see a record number of tourists coming to our shores, but this island and the many businesses which are involved in tourism, can´t survive on a two month summer season. Perhaps it is time that the local authorities, and those bidding to take their place at the next elections, told the truth. A growing number of tourists coming here are staying in all inclusive hotels, (a nightmare scenario for businesses in resort), their spending power is limited and late holiday bookers could cash-in on the cheap offers and go elsewhere in eastern Europe. Perhaps, if we were told the truth about tourism more people would vote in the local election.