Dear Sir, It is rare for Great Expectations to be received with Total Approbation, but your 50th. Anniversary edition and Supplement, succeeded admirably. You are fortunate in having gathered round you, an imposing team of real professional writers and columnists, of whom any newspaper throughout the world would be proud to possess. They have put together an edition that encapsulates in perfect prose, the history of The Bulletin during the past 50 years, with vignettes from that long period that has seen unforgettable changes in style and content. with colour to the fore, brightening and beautifying pages, especially those dealing with food, making it appetisingly attractive.

Good enough to EAT! It must be something of a miracle, that publication was granted to Señor Serra. by a staunch member of the Francoist regime, Minister Fraga Iribarne, who, with perhaps great foresight, peered into the future to picture the great flood of Britons, like myself, became settled in Spain as expatriates, to enjoy a way of life far removed from the trials and tribulations that have encompassed Britain.

I was particularly struck by Ray Fleming's tribute to the Letter writers to the Editor, among whom I am an assiduous contributor. Long may it be so, and long may you continue to print the correspondence, whether for or against your views and opinions.

Once again, Thanks to you Sir, and your talented staff on producing an unforgettable Edition to keep and treasure.
Phil Green
El Toro