By Jason Moore

I had a quiet chuckle to myself yesterday when I saw the latest opinion polls which suggests that far more English and Welsh people want the Scots to get independence than the Scots themselves!

According to a poll in the Sun about a quarter of Scotland would vote for a breakaway from the United Kingdom but more than 40 percent of people “down south” want them to go. This is hardly surprising because some Scots have been talking about breaking away for many years and obviously this hasn´t been well received in some quarters of the British Isles. I believe that the time has come for Scotland to either “Put Up, or Shut Up.”

I would encourge Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmond to call the referendum for this year, but obviously he is too smart for that and he fears that the majority would reject an independent Scotland. But perhaps David Cameron, as leader of the United Kingdom, should take the initiative and organise the referendum from London not Edinburgh. I believe in a United Britain but I also respect everyone´s democratic rights. If you want to go it alone, then you should be able to do so. It would be a shame if Scotland became an independent state but it would mean the end of Scottish MPs being able to vote on English issues but English MPs having no say on Scottish affairs. I would urge Alex Salmond to be careful because the winds of change are blowing down south not in the highlands.