Dear Sir,

Your Viewpoint writer is quite right to point out that the Balearics are pricing themselves out of the holiday market.
I like to take my holidays in a modest hotel on the northwest coast of Majorca yet I have noticed a huge increase in their prices over the last few years.

At present I'm having to pay 90€ (why is the € sign placed after the amount whereas all other currencies have their sign placed in front ?) for a room for two but I've just returned from a short stay in Cannes, a much more salubrious location, where we stayed in a modest hotel halfway between the posh Croisette and the main shopping street, Rue d'Antibes. We had a double room with ensuite bathroom, admittedly we didn't have that lovely sea view but it cost only 70€ per night !! As recently as 2004 that was the rate I paid in Majorca - what justifies an increase of nearly 30% in such a short time ?
With the poor exchange rate we're getting now against the Euro it is hardly surprising if Majorca's holiday trade is slipping.

Barry Emmott

Pinner, Middlesex

Dear Sir,

I read your Bulletin most days and thoroughly enjoy the banter and island news.
I just could not believe the comment made by Mr. David Lee when he said “Mugabe's heart is in the right place”. Wow that is quite a statement. I suppose people can always see the positive in the negative.


Sally Schofield.