By Jason Moore

I thought when the euro single currency was introduced it was meant to last forever, and in sickness and in health? After almost a decade of health the cracks are starting to appear in the single currency because of the Greek crisis and concerns over the state of the Spanish, Portuguese and Irish economies. The Germans have had enough (allegedly) of the euro because they are fed-up of having to bail-out the rest of Europe. The latest Greek rescue plan, which will be paid for by the German tax-payer. is the final straw.

Well, Germany has always been the powerhouse behind the single currency and I think it was their idea in the first place. Surely, they couldn´t expect the good times to last forever? I think that it is quite amazing that at the first sign of trouble the very future of the single currency comes into doubt. Surely, now is the time to band together and show that European integration has a future? What is needed, though, is for the European Union, to keep a close eye on the state of the economies of all nations. Someone, somewhere was not looking the right way when Greece got into such a financial mess. As regards to the euro I suspect that it has a future but member states should be banding together rather than moaning about the cost.