Dear Sir, THE European Union is planning to clean up its beaches as one in eight holidaymakers contract an infection from bathing in the sea. It is good to see that in Majorca, sea bed cleaning is going on in various parts, but it is also badly needed near bathing beaches which are filthy after rough weather. On any coastal cruise, patches of sewage can be seen and hordes of seagulls are regularly seen in the bahia area feeding on them. One of the many examples of official inertia is the small beach used by many visitors in front of Caesar's apartments in Santa Ponsa. For many years, this beach has regularly been severely polluted by drainage debris and possibly sewage as well. Despite repeated requests, nothing has been done to remedy the situation which is a threat to the health of the many families who use it. Dr. S.E. Browne, Santa Ponsa.

Repeated requests for action