Dear Sir,

FRANK Leaver's article which appeared in The Daily Bulletin on 30th May, bemoaning the deplorable behaviour of those taking part in stag and hen parties in Magalluf, etcetera, is unfortunately representative of part of the islands' activities and attractions. The big question it asks is how the authorities will deal with it in today's “politically correct” society. Not so some 30 years past, when I had recounted to me two occasions involving drunk and disorderly tourists.

Case one was at night, on the beach of Alcudia, when two German guys were caught swimming naked by two members of the Guardia Civil patrolling the beach. The police told them they should at least wear their underpants, whereupon one (they were drunk) took a swing at the cop. One of the Guardia Civil unshouldered his machine gun, let rip with a short burst skywards, which immediately caught the Germans' attention. The visitors were then handcuffed, taken back to the hotel to pack, taken to the airport - still in handcuffs - to await the next flight to Germany on which they were duly dispatched!

The second case involved a bunch of drunken British guys in the hotel pool late at night, shouting and causing disturbance all round, etcetera. A waiter remonstrated with them, to which they responded by throwing him in the swimming pool. Then the manager tried to get them to leave. He was also thrown in the swimming pool. A member of the Guardia Civil subsequently arrived on the scene and tried to get the British men to leave. He was verbally abused, etcetera, so he calmly pulled out his pistol and put one shot into the deep end. Apparently, all the hooligans jumped out of the swimming pool standing as if they were facing a free kick in football - hands held south! They had their return flight in the early hours of the morning and were taken to the airport under armed guard so there was no chance of their failing to catch the plane!

Graham Phillips, Palma de Mallorca