Japan's prime minister Jukio Hatoyama had to bow very low to the Japanese people when he admitted that he could not deliver on his election promise to persuade the Americans to move their marine base on Okinawa to another location.

Omar Bashir, wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide in Darfur, was sworn in as President of Sudan following recent elections.
Several leading African countries were not represented at the ceremony.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on visits to Beijing and Seoul said that the situation between North Korea and South Korea was “highly precarious”.

She urged the Chinese government to use its influence to rein-in North Korea.

In Britain the “Queen's Speech” of government legislative proposals included an ambitious new primary and secondary schools system as well as a proposal to require 55 per cent of MPs to vote for a dissolution before the end of a fixed term parliament.

President Obama responded strongly to criticisms of his administration's response to BP's serious oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He announced restrictions on new deep sea oil drilling.