Dear Sir, AS an avid reader of the Bulletin and long-time property owner in Cala Viñas, it was interesting to read the report in the edition of 29th May by Humphrey Carter on the Blue Flag awarded beaches on Majorca for 2008.

As in all badges, trophies or awards for excellence, where the nomination has been granted in error, the significance of the honour itself is degraded.
In this case, I am afraid the Blue Flag for Cala Viñas beach has been granted without due diligence to the inspection and standards required within the criteria laid down. I would raise the following points:
- The start of the concrete walkway is a dangerous height above the sand.
- Walkways cracked and broken.
- Balustrade to sea broken and missing in parts.
- Steps to sea missing.
- Beach cleaning poor.
- Toilet facilities not adequate.
- Changing facilities poor.
- Beach cafés removed, not replaced.
Obviously a great number of Health and Safety issues have to be corrected to avoid accidents.
The report states quite correctly that the Blue Flag can be withdrawn if standards drop, but surely a closer inspection at the outset would negate withdrawal procedures.

It is in all our interests that the provider - “Calvia Council” - in this instance, should indeed provide a safe, healthy and attractive environment for everyone.

It is hoped that in the pursuit of excellence, we can attract many people to return to this island, which is so vital! W.T. Calwell Loughridge, Cala Viñas, Calvia