Dear Sir,

We arrived last night on the 20.15 hours bmibaby flight from Cardiff. This is a journey we make at least ten times a year. Today we read a copy of Frank Leaver's article on Stag/Hen Parties in Friday's Bulletin.

At Cardiff Airport there were some 10/15 guys drinking pint after pint with Vodka chasers on their way to Palma to celebrate a joint Stag/30th Birthday Party. We were nervous before boarding fearing an unhappy flight but not expecting what we experienced! For over two hours all the passengers were subjected to the most vile behaviour, further drinking and total disregard for the comfort of other travellers. The bmibaby crew seemed unable to control them and even repeated requests by the Cabin Staff over the PA system were to no avail. Twenty minutes before landing the Captain announced that the Police would meet the plane in Palma if they did not calm down. Things didn't improve and we all heaved a sigh of relief when we touched down. The Guardia Civil had not been called as I suspect the pilot was anxious to keep to his tight schedule.

However we passengers left the plane frightened, nervous and unsettled by what we had witnessed.
The Party were heading for Magalluf...and with the rain today we pity the poor residents of Magalluf and those who have to share the return flight with them. We really do not want these parties in Majorca and they do nothing to improve the image of this beautiful island.

Christopher Pollard