RAY Fleming Comments: Looking Around in your edition of May 22 (I was away from the island and returned only today to read it) is once again tainted with his sickening anti Israel articles.

Each and every time you decide to bring to print anything about the Middle East Israel must take the brunt! We thought we have called the paper to task to force him to try and act as a journalist without a political agenda. It lasted only for a very short spell.

The audacity of comparing the Iranian to Israel and with it attempting to justify Iran and its leadership policies and actions in the matter of its nuclear weaponization program is absolutely appalling.

Israel has never, never threatened any other nations with annihilation, wiping it of the face of the earth.
Iran has done it repeatedly – with its Muslim friends applauding. Blaming the USA for taking a strong stance against Iran is too much for Mr. Fleming to stomach.

Obama as I know it regrets very much his Cairo speech and his reconciliation attempts versus the Iranians. Mr Fleming you are in the wrong!

Arye Berest