“THOUSANDS of British families will be forced to resettle away from the European mainland if Britain leaves the European Union,” “the Adams Family” and “the UK Independence Party along with the BNP” want to pull Britain out of Europe.” These are just three statements and headlines which have appeared in the mainstream British media over the last five days regarding the UK Independence Party. The resettlement quote was from a pundit on Sky TV whose knowledge of European affairs is rather limited because I settled in Spain when Madrid hadn't even joined the exclusive club. “The Adams Family,” headline relates to the group of personalities ranging from Kilroy Silk and Joan Collins and Stirling Moss who have all come together to support the UK Independence Party. The final quote was from BBC London news. I am no supporter of Mr. Kilroy Silk and his party but I do believe in democracy and that they have the right to put their message across without being rubbished by the media. The fact that they have some support shows that many people in Britain are concerned about Europe. I would say that a similar state of affairs occurs in Spain also. Like many things in Britain at the moment there is no open debate. The fact that the UK Independence Party exists shows that the mainstream parties are not taking aboard the views of thousands of voters. Kilroy Silk and his bunch of untouchables cannot be ignored and dismissed as just a group of little islanders who know little about the European Union. Just look at the opinion polls at the moment, a large majority of British people do not want to join the euro and an even larger proportion is opposed to the European constitution. If Britain does not have a frank and informed debate on European Union I can see the problem getting worse. Britain is becoming increasingly Eurosceptic and until the mainstream parties address this problem Mr. Silk and his bunch of “untouchables” are going to win more support.