Dear Sirs, We have recently returned from our fourth superb holiday in Puerto Pollenca and marvelled at how the Local Authority maintains a high level of cleanliness on the beach and public places. However there appears to be a lack of awareness by dog owners who allow their animals to defecate on the footpaths. We also enjoy walking to and from Pollensa along the minor roads leading from Llenaire eventually joining the road (220-2) leading to the new Sports Stadium at the “Cockerel Roundabout” by the (PM220). However we are always saddened by the amount of litter discarded by passing motorists or others. The evidence indicates that the rubbish has accumulated over a considerable length of time, years in some instances. Who is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the roads and lanes? We see many cyclists and walkers on this route and we feel that many of them will have become aware of the degrading of the wonderful countryside by the build up of litter. They will return home saddened by the lack of respect by others. We hope that through your excellent newspaper the above can be drawn to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Yours faithfully, Tony Carroll

Is there anyway a campaign can be started to eradicate the problem?