AS frequent visitors to Majorca especially the North East of the Island we were far from impressed as to the state of Alcudia commercial strip from the beach leading upto Bellevue holiday complex. We remember the streets being well kept and clean, but this time when we visited on May 29 - June 2 there was lots of rubbish blowing around and the pavements were broken and very dirty.Its totally unacceptable to see rusting metal sticking out of the water next to Bellevue. I dont know whos responsible for the upkeep, either it being local council or shopkeepers or maybe both.

It's the main holiday time and one would have thought at the start of the season would be the time to make a good impression on visitors who after all pay out a lot of money to holiday and support local business.

When there is so much competition from other countries competing for our hard earned euros I suggest that those in authority take note and act before its too late.

Stephen Buglass