Dear Sir,

Was it your intention to “put that cat amongst the pigeons” when you stated in your editorial today that David Cameron should have “at least flown business class” on his trip to Ibiza? It is a question of “damned if you do and damned if you don't!” In these days of austerity where the populace is having to bite the bullet, our leaders are most effective when leading by example.
Cameron, the UK Prime Minister is extremely aware of the plight that is being experienced by the population of our Country and thus demonstrates that even the top man can make savings.

Of course he could have opted for a more luxurious way to travel, but the UK Media would have overwhelmingly criticised him for being ostentatious, in times when other people are suffering. Closer to our current home, the Queen of Spain regularly takes advantage of budget airlines for some of her travels, which is a great testament to the perspicacity of this discerning lady. Notwithstanding, my disagreement with Jason Moore on his published comment, I do agree that Mr Cameron should have chosen an airline with a more acceptable standard of customer service like for example Monarch Airlines.

Gerry Mulligan

Dear Sir, Though I completely understand where you are coming from, have you ever tried to book a British Airways flight to Ibiza, or for that matter Palma from London? It just doesn't exist. The choice one has for Ibiza is easy Jet or Monarch Airways. Regarding our Queen not using Ryanair, well why should she? She has a choice.

I noted recently that the Queen of Spain used Ryanair because it was convenient to the part of Spain she was in, and the fastest and most reliable choice to get to London and visit her convalescent brother.

Derek Brampton