WHY does everyone all of a sudden hate the European Union? Even the French are becoming increasingly eurosceptic. Is Prime Minister David Cameron right? And the time has come for a major overhaul of the European Union? Well, it appears that many people in Europe think so and the European Union should take note. The euro crisis has obviously made some people believe that they were better off without the European Union and the euro. Who can blame them.?It has been a difficult four years and all the faults of the Union and its currency have been nicely aired in public. The southern European states have attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for demanding austerity measures in return for a bailout. But what did they expect? The Germans just to give them a blank cheque? No, the party is over and some people´s love affair with Europe is over. One thing for sure about the euro crisis, it has proved that Germany is the major powerhouse and they are in charge. If you want a bailout you have to ask Merkel. The French have lost out, big time, and they are now in a far weaker position then perhaps four years ago. The German/French partnership has almost been disolved leaving a single force in Europe. Now, the European Union must get to work and convince all these doubters that the European Union is a viable organisation which is the future of Europe. It is going to be a very hard task.