Dear Sir, Ray Fleming just cannot rid himself of his belief that the Arabs and especially the so-called Palestinians are all kind, humble goody-goodies trying to get on with their simple, industrious lives whilst baddy-baddy Israel is doing all it can to make life as uncomfortable and dangerous for them as possible. Anyone who disagrees with this illogical scenario is seen by Ray Fleming as “under the influence of the all-powerful Israeli lobby” or “in the pockets of the Israelis”. Barak Obama who Mr Fleming previously saw as a supporter of his tunnel-visioned concept is but the latest of the long line of those to be seen by him as misguided etc. But who is the misguided one; Mr Obama or Mr Fleming? Let us see.

1) Iran , a member of the UN has threatened to wipe Israel, a fellow member of the UN, off the face of the earth.
2) Iran is going as fast it can to make a nuclear weapon with which to do so – either itself or through one or other of it clients, Hamas or Hezbollah.

3) Iran's Ahmadinejad has not only also threatened Israel: he has also issued dire threats against the USA and even more crazily against the whole of Christianity claiming that all religions must be subservient to Islam.

Given these facts is it not logical and indeed essential that someone as irrational as this Ahmadinejad fellow is stopped before he can carry out his sworn promises? Any logical person would think so – except our Mr Fleming. He probably thinks a quiet, friendly chat with this madman would persuade him to do what neither the General Secretary of the UN or anyone else has been able to do: make him change course.

Hamas is rocketing Israel every day with ever more sophisticated weapons supplied by Iran, causing damage, fear and death to Israel and Israelis. Israel is trying to stop Hamasfrom doing so. Is it not logical that they should? I would think most people would think so. Barak Obama thinks so.

But not our Ray. He thinks Israel should fling open its borders to these murderers and let them in to do even more mayhem.
It is not Barak Obama who is not thinking straight. If you want to know who is way off beam I would look in the mirror Mr Fleming.
Yours sincerely
David Lee
By Email