HAVING arrived in Majorca today from Jerusalem, to read Ray Fleming blatherings about Gaza in which he, the Great Ray Fleming presumes to know more about the Israel/Gaza situation than President Obama and the Israeli government it leaves one wondering just how arrogant and blinkered this man can be.

In the last week I was in Israel, 15.000 tons of humanitarian aid was allowed through the Rafah crossing into Gaza - and remember, Israel is at war with Hamas whose founding documents clearly state its intentions: not only to destroy Israel, but kill Jews all over the world.

I wonder what Mr Fleming would have said if Britain in the middle of the 1939-45 war had supplied Nazi Germany with over 1'000'000 tons of humanitarian aid as Israel has done with Gaza since January 2009. Israel has endured 9'654 rockets and mortar bombs over the past years. Given these circumstances, to allow anything through to Gaza represents and act of civilised generosity unparalleled by any other country during a state of war.

As to the attack against one ship out of the seven who were intent on breaking Israel's blockade on the high seas: Israel instituted this blockade after it had stopped a ship heading for Gaza whose manifest claimed it was carrying machine parts but in fact was loaded with thousands of tons of sophisticated arms.

As to the legality of Israel's actions, it falls within the articles of war and is entirely legally justified - as opposed to the USA's blockading of Cuba and the British blockade of Zimbabwe. The commandos dropped onto the ship were armed in the main with paintball guns because they did not expect to be violently assaulted with iron bars and hand guns by people who claimed they were dedicated to peace.

There is actual film of this vicious hate-filled attack on the Israeli forces. I saw it in Jerusalem and I hope the Spanish media were open-minded enough to show it here.

Here is a question for you Mr Fleming. What have Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, The Philippines, Chad, Saudi Arabia have in common?
Answer: They all have Muslims sects who practise, any or all of the following: Blackmail, Ritual Murder, Kidnapping, Limb-lopping, Torture, and female genital mutilation. And they all have the full support of their religious leaders., Write about that Mr Fleming.


David Lee