Dear Sir, I WOULD be grateful if you would convey my heartfelt thanks to Son Dureta hospital. My wife sought advice regarding a lump on her neck from our local clinic in Palma Nova. She was immediately referred to Son Dureta for blood tests and X-rays, and then, the following day, for a biopsy from the lump. Within two days, the results were back at our local clinic whereupon they promptly informed us and said an appointment had been made that same day to see a specialist at the hospital. My wife was informed she had lung cancer nad further tests have shown tumours on the brain. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy were prescribed and my wife was happy and willing to receive nursing at Son Dureta, where treatment was due to commence in a matter of days. However, due to the concerns of our children and family in England, my wife decided to have her treatment carried out in the UK. On behalf of my wife, I wish to express her gratitude to all of the staff at Son Dureta. The high standards, efficiency, courteousness and prompt assistance have been first rate. The speed between initial diagnosis and prescribed treatment should be one that the U.K.*s National Health Service should be keen to emulate. A. Robson, Calvia