By Humphrey Carter THROUGH our sheer luck and sincere misfortune for holiday destinations in North Africa and the Middle east, the Balearics is expecting one million more holiday makers this year. And, as many tour operators and tourism bosses have stressed, they need to be treated well and looked after so they come back next year. But, here at the Bulletin, we are already receiving complaints from tourists about the state of some of the beaches, Pollensa in particular, and the quality of service in some of the hotels.

Hoteliers, like the rest of the industry have been hard hit over the past few years, but this is not the season to cut corners in a bid to try and recuperate as much of their lost revenue as possible because the boom will be short lived and these accidental tourists will simply return to Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco next year or go elsewhere.

We don't have a given right to have tourists and using them to make a fast buck will just lead to disaster in the long run.