By Jason Moore BEFORE the European elections the three mainstream British parties vowed to try and stop the British National Party from winning. They failed. These same three parties have vowed to clean up politics; we are still waiting. The only thing which appears to be coming out of all three are empty promises. The British National Party, may have picked up two European parliament seats but they also polled hundreds of thousands of votes across the country. I sincerely doubt that many BNP voters support their party´s racist views but they do feel abandoned by the mainstream parties. The BNP mounted a clever election campaign and as a direct result they were successful. The BNP success is a nightmare for British politics and Britain and once again shows that the mainstream parties, are in some cases out of touch and not addressing some of the issues which bother the electorate. The fact that the United Kindom Indepence Party came second shows again that the electorate are not best impressed by the European policies of the mainstream. The fact that the pro-European Liberal Democrats were knocked into fourth place underlines the fact that Brussels is about as popular in Britain as Gordon Brown. So. all three parties have plenty to do to reconnect with the voters.