By Jason Moore

I spent the weekend in one of the island´s principal tourist resorts on an all-inclusive two-day break. This is the first time that I have stayed “all inclusive” on Majorca and I must say that I was agreeably surprised. The food and service were excellent and the price of the break was even better! My hotel was almost 80 percent full and everyone was on the pre-paid deal. But you can see why bars and restaurants are so opposed to this type of holiday. While the resort was busy for this time of the year the bars and restaurants were empty, simply because the majority of people didn´t leave the hotel compound. There was an entertainment package and obviously all the drinks and food had been paid for in my hotel. So you had a busy resort with a main promenade which looked like a ghost town. The bars and restaurants were making a big effort, with live music and plenty of special offers. But, their would-be punters were not leaving their hotel. Not even the England football match on Saturday afternoon made them go out. Now, an all inclusive holiday has many advantages for the holidaymaker but none at all for the bar and restaurant owners. Tour operators are saying that it is a fact of life, families are always going to book an all inclusive package because they have a limited budget. I think the best way forward is to try and include bars and restaurants in resorts in the “all inclusive package.” Otherwise, we are going to have plenty of empty bars.